Toronto AI in Robotics Seminar University of Toronto

The Toronto AI in Robotics Seminar is organized by the Faculty and Students at the Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto for students across the world to present and interact with the Toronto CS Robotics Community.

Format: Opportunities for students to present their research and connect with peers from other institutions are inceasingly getting rarer. This phenomenon is sped up by low rate of oral/spotlights at top AI meetings and all events going virtual/online. This series aims to create such a platform for students to present their work in a friendly setting and get feedback and hopefully build new collaborations and network.


We meet from 1030 to 1130 EST on Mondays. See in other time zones
The meetings will be hosted on youtube with hosts/presenters using zoom (internal UofT presenters will also come to the campus at Mississauga).

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Past talks are also available on our YouTube Channel.

Fall 2022 Schedule

Speaker Affiliation Date Topic Recording
Daniel Bruder Harvard University September 19, 2022 Making Soft Robotics Less Hard: Towards a Unified Modeling, Design, and Control Framework paper1, paper2 link
Nolan Wagener Georgia Institute of Technology September 26, 2022 MoCapAct: A Multi-Task Dataset for Simulated Humanoid Control link
Chris Denniston University of Southern California October 17, 2022 Active Robot Perception for Understanding the World paper1, paper2 link
S.M.Hadi Sadati King’s College London October 24, 2022 Reinventing Catheters by Soft Robotics: Robotics Thrombectomy for Acute Stroke link
Mohit Shridhar University of Washington October 31, 2022 Acting with Perception and Language link
Jun Yang University of Toronto - UTIAS November 7, 2022 6D Pose Estimation for Textureless Objects on RGB Frames using Multi-View Optimization paper1, paper2 link
Jun Gao University of Toronto November 14, 2022 Towards Generative Modeling of 3D Objects Learned from Images paper1, paper2, paper3 link
Silviu Pitis University of Toronto November 21, 2022 Generalizing Out-of-Distribution using Counterfactual Data Augmentation paper1, paper2, paper3 link
Wenyuan Zeng University of Toronto November 28, 2022 Neural World Models for Autonomous Driving paper1, paper2, paper3 link
Mathias Gehrig University of Zurich December 5, 2022   link
Kourosh Darvish University of Toronto December 12, 2022   link


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Winter 2022 Schedule

Speaker Affiliation Date Topic Recording
Mojtaba Sharifi California State University January 31, 2022 Autonomous Locomotion Planning for Personalized Control of Lower-limb Exoskeletons link
Melissa Greeff University of Toronto - UTIAS February 7, 2022 Flying Flat Out: Fast Multirotor Flight Using Vision-Based Navigation in Real-World Environments paper 1, paper 2, paper 3 link
SiQi Zhou University of Toronto - UTIAS February 14, 2022 Integrating Machine Learning and Control Theory for Safe and Efficient Robot Decision Making paper 1, paper 2  
Jacopo Panerati University of Toronto - UTIAS February 21, 2022 Safe Learning-based Control for Robotics and Physics-based Simulation paper 1, paper 2, paper 3 link
Matthew Giamou University of Toronto February 28, 2022 Convex Relaxations for Geometric Problems in Robotics paper 1, paper 2, paper 3 link
Antonio Loquercio UC Berkeley - BAIR March 7, 2022 Agile Autonomy: Learning High-Speed Flight paper 1, paper 2, paper 3 link
Weiyu Liu Georgia Institute of Technology March 14, 2022 Grounded Semantic Reasoning for Robotic Interaction with Real-World Objects paper 1, paper 2, paper 3 link
Marija Popovic University of Bonn - PhenoRob March 21, 2022 Active Sensing with Intelligent Robots: Mapping and Planning for Robot Autonomy paper 1, paper 2, paper 3 link
Kashyap Chitta MPI & University of Tübingen March 28, 2022 Imitation with Transformer-Based Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Driving link
Erfan Shahriari Technical University of Munich - MIRMI, RSI April 4, 2022 The Language of Manipulation: Force/Motion Planning and Control for Tactile Robot Manipulation paper 1, paper 2, paper 3, paper 4, paper 5  
Brian Okorn Carnegie Mellon University - R-Pad Lab April 11, 2022 Object Representations without Direct Supervision paper 1, paper 2 link
Cameron Forbrigger University of Toronto - Microrobotics Lab April 25, 2022 Tethered Magnetic Serial Robots for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery paper 1, paper 2 link
Eric Heiden University of Southern California - RESL May 2, 2022 Reducing the Reality Gap in Robotics via Simulation-based Inference paper 1, paper 2 link
Sven Lilge University of Toronto - CRL May 9, 2022 Tendon-Driven Parallel Continuum Robots paper 1, paper 2 link
Heng Yang Massachusetts Institute of Technology May 16, 2022 Certifiable Outlier-Robust Geometric Perception: Robots that See through the Clutter with Confidence paper 1, paper 2 link

Fall 2021 Schedule

Speaker Affiliation Date Topic Recording
Tabitha Lee Carnegie Mellon University October 25, 2021 Causal Reasoning in Simulation for Structure and Transfer Learning of Robot Manipulation Policies link
Lukas Brunke University of Toronto - UTIAS November 1, 2021 Safe Learning in Robotics: From Learning-Based Control to Safe Reinforcement Learning link
Sarah Bechtle MPI Tuebingen November 15, 2021 Lifelong learning in the real world: paper 1, paper 2, paper 3 link
Nikita Dvornik University of Toronto - PAIR November 22, 2021 Representation Learning via Global Temporal Alignment and Cycle-Consistency link
Cynthia Chen UC Berkeley November 29, 2021 An Empirical Investigation of Representation Learning for Imitation link
Quentin Peyron University of Toronto - CRL December 6, 2021 Elastic Stability Issues in Continuum Robotics and How to Snap Out of Them: paper 1, paper 2 link
Homanga Bharadhwaj CMU December 13, 2021 Auditing Machine Learning and Robot Learning for Safety and Compliance during Deployment: paper 1, paper 2 link

Winter 2021 Schedule

Speaker Affiliation Date Topic Slides Recording
Ali Harakeh University of Toronto February 12, 2021 Bayesian Detection   link
Hazel Doughty University of Amsterdam February 19, 2021 Action Modifiers: Learning from Adverbs in Instructional Videos   link
Joonho Lee ETH Zürich February 26, 2021 Anymal Learning   link
Samarth Brahmbhatt Georgia Tech, Intel March 5, 2021 Grasp contact between hand and object & associated datasets   link
Maria Bauza MIT March 12, 2021 Tactile Localization    
Daniel Seita UC Berkeley March 19, 2021 Deformable Object Manipulation    
Krishna Murthy Mila March 26, 2021 GradSLAM    
Michelle Lee Stanford April 9, 2021      
Georgia Chalvatzaki TU Darmstadt April 16, 2021      

Fall 2020 Schedule

Speaker Affiliation Date Topic Slides Recording
Kevin Xie / Homanga Bharadhwaj University of Toronto Jan 22, 2020 Skill Transfer via Partially Amortized Hierarchical Planning    
Carolyn Matl UC Berkeley Dec 11, 2020 Sim-To-Real from Sound / Material Properties for Robotic Tasks   link
Zongyi Li Caltech Nov 20, 2020 Fourier Neural Operator for Parametric PDEs link link
Anirudh Goyal Mila Oct 23, 2020 Recurrent Independent Mechanisms link link
Rika Antonova KTH Oct 9, 2020 Analytic Manifold Learning link link
Ron Dorfman Technion Sept 25, 2020 Offline Meta RL link link
Ahmed Qureshi UCSD Sept 18, 2020 Motion Planning Networks link link
Yana Hasson INRIA Sept 11, 2020 Hand-Object Reconstruction link link
Yunzhu Li MIT Sept 4, 2020 Koopman operators for model-based RL link link

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